10-year Client BeBizBroker.com Details Why to Buy From Us!

10-year Client BeBizBroker.com Details Why to Buy From Us!

My name is Frank Covich, for over 38 years people have asked me this question as they look at different business opportunities.

by Frank Covich

My message has been, find a business which is interesting to you, learn about its potential and then jump in.  Focus on the things which can get you organized, focus on your finances, plan your business activities, do your research and follow your plan.

I also believe in structured business opportunities. Businesses opportunities which have been carefully packaged to give you a running start where you do not have to reinvent everything.  Franchise business opportunities are options for some people, most require a substantial investment.  I am a believer in my program which helps a person to become a business consultant to the sellers of established businesses.  Low entry fee and lots of organization details give a person a running start and a high shot at success.

Question, what is it about the business I am in that makes it so attractive?

I’m in the organization business the trust business and the training business. I love working with people who want to build their own company in the business brokerage industry. I love the industry as it is a business for people who love to work with business owners.  I call it a science and art, what I love about teaching people business brokerage with my system is that I know that the system is solid, I have had brokers make millions, my clients are never at risk with big startup cost. The business of brokering is so attractive because there are more than 25 million businesses in the United States with sales under 20 million and these businesses change hands with great success if a solid business broker is involved.

Question, what is your favoritemotto and or quote when it comes to business?

I coined the statement in the Wall St Journal in 1982. “Business ownership is not a dream it is a necessity”. In my view, the opportunity to build a business with all of the rewards, tax advantages and lifestyle opportunities only come from business ownership.  If you dream of making more than a wage and if you dream about not reporting to a higher business authority who can sometimes fire you for no reason, then working at building your own business is a necessity.

Question, why do I love ShopABizOp.com?

I have known Kevin James Culp the founder and owner of ShopABizOp.com for over 10 years.  He is a man of integrity, creativity and he has proven to me over the past 10 years that he knows the process of helping people find a business that is right for them.  My program is unique and one of his posted business start-up opportunities under $500.  We are never in competition with other opportunities because each person is different, has different skills and desires.  I commonly will talk with a person looking for the right business opportunity fit to find my training program is not right for them.  I will surely point them at other posted opportunities as his portal is a goldmine of opportunities.

If you have a business opportunity to promote you need to talk with Kevin.  If you’re looking for a business opportunity you can gather information from his site, contact principal opportunity package owners and give one a shot.  As I mentioned, years ago I wrote a banner in the Wall Street Journal “Everyone is Looking for a Business Opportunity” the life of corporate security is over.  Wisdom is priceless to business start-ups and Kevin can guide you at no cost you – who does that these days? Not many and you should seek your security on ShopABizOp.com – a great place to explore, compare and excel.

View the BeBizBroker.com Business Opportunity now to see what we have to offer you.

Frank Covich

Founder NAIBBNational Association of Independent Business

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