What Should You Advertise on

We’re happy you asked! has been specifically designed to help promote your business opportunity, dealership program, affiliate program, distributorship opportunity, partner program, licensee opportunity or franchise opportunity to the highest caliber of prospects possible.

We do not monkey around with your advertising dollars, and we actually have dedicated people with decades of actual operational sales and marketing experience directly related to the industry.

At we go beyond just advertising your opportunity.  We are an organic and growing community of shoppers and active buyers.  Furthermore, we aid post-buyers who are looking for additional resources, assistance and help in growing their new budding business opportunity or franchise free.  We are here to help everyone and are ethos has always been to help as many people and companies that we can free.  Many initial shoppers are known to return up to five times before making a decision or even filling out a form to inquire for free information.  We get that, and we want to provide everything needed at each step of the way no matter what step anyone is on.  We have deep, rich content for shoppers when they return and have a library of opportunities to select from and more.

Our dedicated digital sales and media team will be updating content on a daily basis to help educate, inform and bring awareness to our readership on all facets of ‘everything opportunity’ to keep our community growing, engaged and always looking for more.  Our ever-expanding SEO and Social Media and Digital Media platforms also will help in promoting your opportunity to the right audience as well as provide a connection between you the seller and shoppers of every type possible. was conceived and designed to help maximize lead conversion, to make it as easy as possible for a prospect to declare an interest in your respective opportunity.  This is aided by the varied request forms that we allow as opposed to only one fixed form (ask us more about this), display buttons that will allow traffic to be directed to your splash page, funnel page or website and even a mobile app for maximum impact from end-to-end within our system.  And we allow additional hyperlinks with buttons, graphics and videos that are displayed throughout each dedicated profile to enhance visuals.  We welcome phone numbers, emails and any type of inbound marketing, which can be displayed using any number of methods, including click-to-call and video chat services.

What Makes Us Truly Unique to You the Advertiser?

At our roots grow deep within the advertising industry, dating back to our advertising agency days.  In fact, we’ve got 30+ years of sales and advertising experience comprising the complete range of sales and marketing disciplines.  But most importantly, we’re on a mission to make you money by providing better quality prospects.  The quality of our staff is a primary reason why.  Our level of dedication to you as your customer is so great that we freely serve up free counsel on how best to market your opportunity, if that service is needed, and we can assist you in crafting professional copy and editing that will attract the right type of buyer, helping you to refine a lead before you ever even receive one.

Critical Facts

  • One of the fastest growing websites in the sector

  • Large database of prospects that have declared an interest in owning and operating an opportunity

  • Daily activity on social media platforms

  • Regular upgrades to the website

  • Exclusivity rights provided for each opportunity name, if applicable

  • Reasonably priced starter packages on and offsite

  • Niche assistance if required to aid in higher close ratios

  • Free coaching or sales structure assistance if required

We work with everyone whether your budget is large or small. We off-the-shelf starter packages, and we have custom-built programs and systems that will meet or exceed your aspirations and expectations.

At we want to work with you to be your lead generation specialist of choice and/or to complement your existing lead generation programs.  We have on and offsite programs that are proven to amaze.  Contact us now by going here to fill out the contact form, you can also email us at, or you can call us at 917.331.6001 to start a conversation about your quality prospect needs.

Client Testimonials

Come Read What Our Advertisers Have To say About Our Site, Service and Conversion Rates!

Joe Petrashek

“Quick, professional service by Kevin. Excellent response to the ad, way better than expected! Would highly recommend, worth every cent and then some.“

Bill Silverson

“I started working with Kevin back in Feb of 2015 when he was with another Business Opportunity site. I found him to be very helpful and always offering me the best advertising opportunities for our budget. We gave him a free hand in the placement and design of ads and the results we felt were always above average. Now that he has started his own site we have increased our budget with him and our results from his ads are very impressive. When you advertise with Kevin you are not only buying his ability to reach your potential customers but also his knowledge on how to! Our projects require a lot of marketing on a monthly basis and we are proud to include as part of our monthly budget.“

Bizkits4U &

Frank Covich, Founder NAIBBNational Association of Independent Business

“My name is Frank Covich, for over 38 years people have asked me this question as they look at different business opportunities. My message has been, find a business which is interesting to you, learn about its potential and then jump in. Focus on the things which can get you organized, focus on your finances, plan your business activities, do your research and follow your plan. I also believe in structured business opportunities. Businesses opportunities which have been carefully packaged to give you a running start where you do not have to reinvent everything. Franchise business opportunities are options for some people, most require a substantial investment. I am a believer in my program which helps a person to become a business consultant to the sellers of established businesses. Low entry fee and lots of organization details give a person a running start and a high shot at success.

Question, what is it about the business I am in that makes it so attractive?

I’m in the organization business the trust business and the training business. I love working with people who want to build their own company in the business brokerage industry. I love the industry as it is a business for people who love to work with business owners. I call it a science and art, what I love about teaching people business brokerage with my system is that I know that the system is solid, I have had brokers make millions, my clients are never at risk with big startup cost. The business of brokering is so attractive because there are more than 25 million businesses in the United States with sales under 20 million and these businesses change hands with great success if a solid business broker is involved.

Question, what is your favoritemotto and or quote when it comes to business?

I coined the statement in the Wall St Journal in 1982. “Business ownership is not a dream it is a necessity”. In my view, the opportunity to build a business with all of the rewards, tax advantages and lifestyle opportunities only come from business ownership. If you dream of making more than a wage and if you dream about not reporting to a higher business authority who can sometimes fire you for no reason, then working at building your own business is a necessity.

Question, why do I love

I have known Kevin James Culp the founder and owner of for over 10 years. He is a man of integrity, creativity and he has proven to me over the past 10 years that he knows the process of helping people find a business that is right for them. My program is unique and one of his posted business start-up opportunities under $500. We are never in competition with other opportunities because each person is different, has different skills and desires. I commonly will talk with a person looking for the right business opportunity fit to find my training program is not right for them. I will surely point them at other posted opportunities as his portal is a goldmine of opportunities.

If you have a business opportunity to promote you need to talk with Kevin. If you’re looking for a business opportunity you can gather information from his site, contact principal opportunity package owners and give one a shot. As I mentioned, years ago I wrote a banner in the Wall Street Journal “Everyone is Looking for a Business Opportunity” the life of corporate security is over. Wisdom is priceless to business start-ups and Kevin can guide you at no cost you – who does that these days? Not many and you should seek your security on – a great place to explore, compare and excel.

View the Business Opportunity now to see what we have to offer you.”

Ron Wattu, Happy Horse Massager

“Great Service, Great price. I Highly Recommend!”

Armand - CTFO Independent Associate

“As an independent associate of the CTFO Business Opportunity, I was looking for a way to promote and advertise my business. With all the available choices out there on the Internet, it was a difficult decision on where to invest my dollars. I came across owned by Kevin James Culp and after much research decided to give him a try. Well......all I can say is WOW! Results, results, results–and FAST!
Kevin is not only incredible with what he does but, he is also creative and incredibly helpful in designing, marketing and promoting your business. He always responds to my questions within minutes and helps direct me in a way that always sets me up to succeed. There have been days where the activity created from Kevin's efforts literally consumed my entire day. Talk about not having enough hours in the day. If you are looking to keep busy working on your business, then simply contact Kevin today at 917.331.6001 and you’ll be happy that you did. He will create more activity than you can possibly handle.

At the end of the day, all business owners are looking for a way to market their business in a professional and profitable way. Well, look no further than! If results at an affordable price are what you seek then Kevin and his team is your answer to success.“

Ric Mandelbaum, CEO and Founder American Saver

“I love it when you contract with someone or a company to provide one service and they so much more than you expected. That describes Kevin James Culp perfectly.

What began as purchasing leads from Kevin on resulted in Kevin stepping up to the plate to generate many more leads AND SALES than I ever thought possible.

But the story doesn’t end there. Kevin took a personal interest in making sure many of the leads resulted in sales by sharing his knowledge of the business opportunity world. Thanks to Kevin, we were able to surpass our projections and open the door to expanding our lead budget in the future.

One more thing, Kevin has helped guide us to maximizing the closure to response ratio and even help train our new Independent Owner Operators.”

Jerry Watson, Entrepreneur

“Due to my recent success using the advertising platform, I wanted to provide this testimonial. This was my first experience with a marketing agency and was a bit apprehensive. After some time working on a few programs together, I decided to visit with Kevin in person, outline my goals for the impending month to ensure that we could reach the sales target I needed to reach by year’s end to ensure a profit. After an hour of talks I decided to give them a trial run to see if they can deliver. I have to say, that the response was swift, and his agency not only reached my goals, then they exceeded my goals. Then proceeded to smash even the best-case closed-sales scenario we discussed in person. One big point to mention is that these sales were closed in Q4 from leads created in the same month. I experienced talking with people who, knew what they signed up to receive information on and were eager to buy when they understood if it matched their desire for a new business to growth with into 2019. I did have to contact a few prospects via email only and to my surprise some were viable even without the phone number.

To summate, in recruited dozens affiliates in my group which also produced dozens more in my downline working with less than 100 leads at a cost I can’t beat elsewhere. My acquisition costs are minimal compared to other systems I have used in recruiting in the past. I strongly recommend the’s advertising platform to anyone interested in growing their business, generating quality prospects and creating an in-bound call stream of active buyers coming to you rather then you chasing them. It is with pleasure that I give this testimonial.

Thanks, Kevin, for my awesome truly profitable results and I’m looking forward to working with you well into 2019.”

Anthony Walker, Limbic Arc and Greenwood Distributors

“It's my experience that really works! They really do deliver interested leads with all the contact information and level of financial capability, right to my email. I've never experienced this before! I'm extremely impressed and happy with this service.“

Law Offices of Lee P. Marks

“Kevin is a very insightful and seasoned advertising and marketing professional.“

Alan Holmes, Entrepreneur/Vison Builder

“Kevin James Culp and the community is an amazing and innovative platform that is thoughtfully designed to take any business opportunity to the' NEXT Level. It is my distinct honor and privilege to truly say that since connecting with Kevin, his expertise, skill-set and pure determination to help others succeed astound me. Thanks a Million!“