Business Opportunity Testimonial from Jerry Watson

Jerry Watson

“Due to my recent success using the advertising platform, I wanted to provide this testimonial.  This was my first experience with a marketing agency and was a bit apprehensive.  After some time working on a few programs together, I decided to visit with Kevin in person, outline my goals for the impending month for one of my programs AFFA to ensure that we could reach the sales target I needed to reach by year’s end to ensure a profit.  After an hour of talks I decided to give them a trial run to see if they can deliver.  I have to say, that the response was swift, and his agency not only reached my goals, then they exceeded my goals.  Then proceeded to smash even the best-case closed-sales scenario we discussed in person.  One big point to mention is that these sales were closed in Q4 from leads created in the same month.  I experienced talking with people who, knew what they signed up to receive information on and were eager to buy when they understood if it matched their desire for a new business to growth with into 2019.  I did have to contact a few prospects via email only and to my surprise some were viable even without the phone number.

To summate, so far this December, I’ve been successful in recruiting 27 affiliates in my group which also produced another 40+ in my downline working with only 64 leads at a cost I can’t beat elsewhere.  My acquisition costs are minimal compared to other systems I have used in recruiting in the past.  I strongly recommend the’s & Brickell Media Group’s advertising platform to anyone interested in growing their business, generating quality prospects and creating an in-bound call stream of active buyers coming to you rather then you chasing them.  It is with pleasure that I give this testimonial.

Thanks, Kevin, for my awesome truly profitable results and I’m looking forward to working with you well into 2019.”

Jerry Watson, Entrepreneur

3 thoughts on “Business Opportunity Testimonial from Jerry Watson

  1. Jerry, Nice to read about your successes. I am in a different field but share your energy and delight working with Kevin’s systems. I have known Kevin for over 10 years and what gives me Joy is Kevin’s integrity, wisdom and computer skills beyond my ability to learn. So my relationship with him is sold and cherished. Good luck in all you do. Take a peek at my articles Kevin displays each week some are built from a lot of experience and are true stories which can be good reminders in different areas of business thinking.
    I will keep following your progress and as I talk to people who may not be just right for my business startup program in Business Brokerage, I will surely send them you way if I can. All the Best Frank Covich Founder NAIBB National Association of Independent Business Brokers

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