Business Opportunity Tool-of-the-Week v2.0

Do you need green to grow?  Who doesn’t?  This small Business Opportunity Tool-of-the-Week feature will focus on how to get the right funding at the right time so you can really grow your budding business.

by Kevin James Culp

Having working capital when you need it is a lifeline to your future growth, and sometimes you need it fast.  Moreover, you’ll likely need more capital than you anticipated at some point and that need may not come at a convenient time.  For instance, the need for funding all too often comes at a time of crisis, a time when if you go without it you might lose out on the possibility of growth, let alone survival.  Be prepared.  Don’t let this happen to you if you can avoid it.

If you don’t have access to ready capital on your own in your bank account or via taking a possible loan against your 401k, or borrowing from a family/friend, then you need an alternative source.  My friends, I give you Kabbage as a possible solution.

We really like their customer service and the way they do business in general.  The way they deal with their clients online and over the phone is so fast and friendly, and they make taking a loan simple, taking a lot of the stress out of what is often a stressful situation.

Accessing small business funding shouldn’t and doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming.  Rely on Kabbage as a critical resource, and you could get the capital you need fast and easy and up to as much as $250,000.2

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