Frank’s Friday Words of Wisdom 17.0

Frank’s Friday Words of Wisdom 20.0

Words of Wisdom and Inspiration for the aspiring entrepreneur from Frank Covich, Founder of the National Association of Independent Business Brokers (NAIBB)

by Frank Covich

Business Ownership Is Still the #1 Road to a Better Financial Life

In 1982 I made this statement in the Wall Street Journal, that in America the life of corporate security in most cases is over.  To position for your future income security, tax benefits and long- term stability, the message and concept of business ownership viability holds true now more than ever.  What is different today is that portals like Kevin’s can now offer you the dream of business ownership in the form of many different opportunities, all packaged and ready to go.

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It has been 37 years since I made that statement and what has evolved since is that companies are stressing about how they can offer benefits, part-time hiring is at an all-time high and regular employment these days is always in jeopardy.  Back in 1982 organized and affordable business opportunity startups were rare, except for very expensive franchises like McDonald’s and muffler shops.  Most businesses, even business brokerage franchises, sometimes demanded more than $50,000 to get in, and few people had or have those kinds of assets.

Today, we have shopabizop, and people have great options.  Businesses that have evolved now have clear presentations of their opportunities that can be replicated and flourish in different cities, towns and regions of the country.

If you want financial stability over time, business ownership should be a part of your mind set. Small business ownership can be your path to security and a better lifestyle.  In 1982 my program cost $15,000.  It has evolved into a package as a business consulting practice startup for only $495 today.  Now, your dream is more attainable than ever!

To consider my program on expanding into the science and art of business brokerage, please visit, and to examine other great business programs, please visit  Get involved, and remember how important it is to do your comparison research.  In fact, it’s the only way to find out what new business is best for you.

Kevin’s portal offers that research platform.

Visit today!  Start your own practice fast, economically and with total confidence.


All the best,

Frank Covich

January 25, 2019


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