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by Frank Covich

The Importance of Mobile-Enabled Websites

Almost 68% of Americans use a mobile phone each day.  Research shows that 25% of Internet users around the world are “mobile only” right now, yet few websites are mobile-enabled.

Today, 53% of the internet search traffic in the world is opened on smartphones.

That means people who e-market or advertise with the goal of driving traffic to their website better know how their promotions and fulfillments look on a tiny smartphone screen….

Recently, working as a consultant to a prominent law firm, I discussed with the owner just how beneficial our decision years ago to get mobile-enabled has been and how it has helped the firm in so many ways. As one of the first law firms in Northern California to have a great mobile- enabled system, it created a foothold in the searching-for-an-attorney marketplace. Today the mobile-enabled smartphone system has created an instant communication and information link between the firm and its clients, who can use it for everything from obtaining free information downloads to sending e-mails about their cases anytime and from anywhere.

One very important element to creating a user-friendly mobile-enabled site is to ensure you have an immediate call-to-action layout.  In my client’s law firm his clients, people searching for an attorney, come to the site via marketing programs and get a direct red link prompt to “Call us now” and a green link option to “Message us about your case.”  Then there’s a blue link for “Directions,” all of which is followed by our complete, information-rich website…mobile-enabled to perfection. This makes it all quite simple and clear.

The bottom line message for today is this:  When you have your own business and want to e-promote it, and you want people to look at your website of products and/or services, make sure you think through how important it is to be mobile-enabled. Keep it simple and easy to read and have a method in place to capture your potential clients with a great system. Ultimately, there is nothing better than “Contact me now!”

For business brokers and consultants of all types, having a simple landing page is all you need. State what you do or offer and create a site that is designed to bring the searcher to you.

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All the best,

Frank Covich

December 21, 2018


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