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Words of Wisdom and Inspiration for the aspiring entrepreneur from Frank Covich, Founder of the National Association of Independent Business Brokers (NAIBB)…Courage of an entrepreneur

by Frank Covich

Entrepreneurship is at the core of the American dream. It’s about blazing new trails, about believing in yourself, your mission and inspiring others to join you in the journey. What sets [entrepreneurs] apart is the will, courage and sometimes recklessness to actually do it.” – Derek Hutson

In 1979 I left a very lucrative career as a Director of Operations for a prominent medical center and industrial business consulting firm because I had an idea. So many of the staff consultants who worked for me and who were on the road five days a week were burning out from travel and the resulting lack of family contact, yet these high-level consultants were great at dealing with established business owners. They were smart, creative and highly educated people, yet they were locked into a life on the road working for everyone but themselves.

It occurred to me that all they might be missing is a home-based means of building a foundation for their future. They were ideal candidates to become local and regional business brokers.

I found an old-time business broker on Madison Avenue in NY who offered me the opportunity to learn some very important things. First, there were few if any trained business brokers. Second, there were no training organizations for business brokers. Third, it requires a unique skill set to start a business brokerage practice, especially if you’re going it alone without a system and some guidance. And lastly, the evolution of USA business ownership was such that the number of businesses without family to take over in the future was expanding in scope.

All of this meant that there was a critical niche just waiting to be filled. So much so that immediately upon my opening the door to a new generation of business transfer consultants (Business Brokers) and running a simple advertisement in the New York Times, I got clients before I even received a bill.

I went to work creating a specialized business startup training program that would offer my staff people and others the grand opportunity to start a business brokerage practice, without any franchise rules and regulations. The result was the National Association of Independent Business Brokers (NAIBB). Working with NAIBB, individuals become part of my exclusive client group, and they are able to purchase my training and preserve their independence as a business owner.

Shortly after I created the NAIBB and started running advertisements for my program, other people began to create franchise programs in an attempt to follow the Century 21 model. But the real estate model is not optimal for building a business brokerage practice because a real estate transfer is very different than a business transfer, something I will write about more extensively in a future article.

The bottom line is that many people are looking for a great business opportunity, but without unwanted rules and regulations, franchise restrictions and enormous expense. I soon learned that business brokerage done right fits that bill.

The business opportunity I created under the name bebizbroker has become the best packaged program of its kind for less than $500. This business is ideal for many types of people. I have sold my program to everyone from dairy farmers and maids to the retiring presidents of major organizations. I sold my program to a former VP of FedEx and even attorneys. All of my clients seek to build a practice and earn fees for their accomplishments. Selling a business is a science and an art, and that is what I teach with my system

Mymessage today is that you can be an entrepreneur and develop a program like I did or you can be as an operator of a packaged business program like the one I offer or that you can find on To this day, I continue to offer my program with no strings attached, yet doing everything I can to help my clients in their efforts to provide consulting to business owners and business buyers with great success.

Think about your vision of self-employment. That’s where everything starts. Think about what interests you, get involved and see what develops. Take a shot with my program for only $495. You do not have to mortgage your home or take out giant loans. You simply ease into your own business by follow some words of wisdom for how to get organized and how to learn marketing, as well as the science and art of working diligently, smart and consistently.

For more information on my program for expanding into the science and art of business brokerage, please visit,  Get involved and remember the importance of being diligent in your future business dealings. Listen to the people who offer business startup programs and who have been successful. Use them as your guides, and you will have a strong shot at success as well.


All the best,

Frank Covich

November 16, 2018


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