Lead Generation: Portal or Private Leads?

Lead Generation: Portal or Private Leads?

Not long ago I found myself working on lead generation 70+ hours a week for a .com. I found that lead generation was taking over my life in some highly negative ways and was the Yin and Yang at my core for many years.

by Kevin James Culp

After deep thought, writing a book on the sector, performing a strategic industry market analysis over an extended period of time, exploring next-level lead-gen tech, let me share with you where I think Lead Generation will be moving to and why. The full version of this will be published soon on Amazon.

The task of producing leads of any type every single day, day in and day out, weekends, holidays 24/365 became brutal at best. It really took a toll on me. After said lead is produced is only half the battle. If it wasn’t the phone number being bogus, it was the email bouncing or that the lead didn’t answer or over a hundred variations of these complaints I had heard so many times I had to simply stop selling the product. After so much needed research and planning, it got me not only thinking how this industry could be changed for the better for both the shopper and the advertiser alike but how the industry could be cleaned up a bit along the way.

The day I learned I had closed over 110 Million Dollars in total sales via leads that I had personally created for one client, I knew two things where possible.


Make sure to read my next blog on businessopportunity lead generation. I’ll be discussing LEAD GENERATION Pricing: How to get the best deal when placing an ad on portals to print even if you don’t buy from us.

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