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Welcome to the world of Shopify money making. If you’re new to Shopify, this page is for you. We’ll go over the basic steps everyone has to go through to reach success with Shopify or e-commerce in general.

Seriously invest in your future with a ready-made e-commerce store. What if you could decide your own income and choose your own hours while working from home on a business you love?

Are you tired of trying online business but getting stuck? Sick of not knowing what steps to take next?

Most people starting an online (side) business get completely stuck and simply give up. Did you know that 95% of online business FAIL within the first year? Let me tell you how most people start an online business:

First, they have an exciting idea. They’re super pumped reading articles or watching YouTube videos about making money online. Then they get started; building a website, researching marketing, all the technical stuff. What could go wrong?

Then they publish their store or website and …. Crickets.

But what if you could have a mentor by your side who guides you along with every step so you DON’T get stuck? Even better, what if this mentor gives you all the materials you need to get started?

If you could start a company today with Bill Gates as your business partner, don’t you think your success rate will increase significantly?

That’s where we come in. We provide you with a ready-made online store, give you all the support and guidance that you need while you 100% own the business and the money you make!

That’s right, complete work-from-home independence while still getting all the support and benefits of a paid business coach / mentor.

How does it work?

E-commerce simply means: sell stuff online. And all you need is a website and some direction. You need to know where and how to promote your store, so you make sales consistently.

We provide all that. You buy a complete ready-made online store and a plan. All our ready-made stores come with:

  •         A Beautiful design
  •         PayPal and credit card checkout
  •         A catchy domain name
  •         Marketing materials
  •         Personal, ongoing technical support
  •         Personal, ongoing marketing support

That’s right. We’ve looked at starting e-commerce entrepreneurs, saw their biggest pitfalls and came up with a complete solution.

You also don’t need to worry about holding stock, talking to suppliers or shipping at all. All our e-commerce stores are based on dropshipping, meaning the supplier takes care of shipping and handling for you.

How we work:

We work how YOU want to work. We offer guaranteed, lifetime email support so you have your personal e-commerce coach in your pocket. Every store also comes with a 30-minute Skype session and lots of materials to get you started.

How much can I earn?

That’s entirely up to you. Some of our clients are happy with a small side-income of $2000 a month or less, while others scale their stores to $5K or even $10K+ per month.

You buy a store and we offer mentorship. The store is 100% yours and you can work on it whenever you want. No hidden fees, no sneaky tactics, you simply buy a ready-made online business.

How to get started?

Check out our ready-made online stores for sale here:

If you’re interested, you can buy one right away or contact us with any questions. We love building stores and we love helping starting entrepreneurs succeed online.

Don’t wait around for too long though, they sell fast and prices go up soon!  

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