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Account Medical Advocate Business Opportunity

Account Medical Advocate Business : How often do you get to save a life?  What if that life were your own or a family member?  Seriously, think about that for a moment as you consider our home-based business opportunity. Estimated 5.5 BILLION dollar industry by 2022! 


How often do you get to save a life?  What if that life were your own or a family member?  Seriously, think about that for a moment as you consider our home-based business opportunity.  We’re part of the overall estimated 5.5 BILLION dollar industry growth by 2022!  This is NOT a MLM business.  This is for serious buyers who want to make a difference.  A+ BBB Rating.  We now have over 1,000 City Advocate Leader positions now open.

Account Medical Business Opportunity Image 5

QR Code’s hyper-growth into a 5.5 BILLION dollar industry by 2022 – can be attributed to three primary factors:

  • First, thanks to the iOS11 update, now not only Android but also iOS devices can scan a QR code natively WITHOUT DOWNLOADING APP.
  • Secondly, China’s QR penetration and its economic impact is serving as a proven case-study globally for brands and businesses to follow suit.
  • Finally, QR codes  are the perfect balance between being cost-effective, privacy-friendly yet delivering rich consumer engagement that is customizable.

When Help Arrives, Can They Easily Access Your Vital Health Information?

Each year, thousands suffer from complications or even death because their medical records were not immediately available during an emergency.

Let’s face it: There will come a time when you will need immediate medical care.  When that time comes, if loved ones are not near and you’re unable to communicate, how will those coming to your aid know who your emergency contacts are or what allergies you have?  How about your medications?  And, who is your primary care physician?

What if you’re allergic to penicillin and the paramedics, not knowing your medical details, give you a penicillin shot?  What if your son has a severe allergic reaction to bee stings and is found by his friends with intense swelling and having trouble breathing?  How will they know what to do in this critical life or death situation?

These are just a few situations that people will find themselves in.  And, because getting the proper medical treatment is so timely, you need a simple but powerful tool that will instantly supply the necessary information to anyone giving aid.

Whether it’s a paramedic, loved one, friend or a good Samaritan who responds to your emergency first, our proprietary Smart Card technology will instantly give them the timely life-saving information needed that can save your life!  What’s also so unique about this personal health records system is YOU have complete control over the health data you provide, it’s secure and very easy to set up.  Our Smart Card and Stickers are the ultimate solution for the everyone, especially the elderly, children and those who travel.  No more delays.  Get access to your life-saving medical information when and where it’s needed, INSTANTLY!

Account Medical QR code About Us:

We are a medical records management company that specializes in developing cutting edge records management technology.  Account Medical’s mission is to dramatically reduce the complexity and confusion usually associated with the operations and maintenance of health records.  We make it a mandate to assist in the care of our elderly loved ones, children, and family members while assisting healthcare organizations to increase not only their productivity but also to enhance their ability to access patient records instantly, especially during emergencies.  We are veteran-owned. VOSB.

What Is a QR code?

A QR Code is a two-dimensional version of the barcode, known from product packaging in the supermarket.  Originally developed for process optimization in the logistics of the automotive industry, the QR Code has found its way into mobile marketing with the widespread adoption of smartphones.  “QR” stands for “Quick Response”, which refers to the instant access to the information hidden in the Code.  QR Codes are gaining popularity because the technology is “open source”, i.e. available for everyone. Significant advantages of QR Codes over conventional barcodes are larger data capacity and high fault tolerance.

What Is a Smart Card?

A smart card, chip card, or integrated circuit card (ICC) is a physical electronic authorization device, used to control access to a resource.  It is typically a plastic credit card-sized card with an embedded integrated circuit (IC) chip.[1]  Many smart cards include a pattern of metal contacts to electrically connect to the internal chip.  Others are contactless, and some are both.  Smart cards can provide personal identification, authentication, data storage, and application processing.[2]  Applications include identification, financial, mobile phones (SIM), public transit, computer security, schools, and healthcare. Smart cards may provide strong security authentication for single sign-on (SSO) within organizations.  Numerous nations have deployed smart cards throughout their populations.

Account Medical Jane SampleWhy is QR code Tech Important?

  • Scan personal QR ID with any smart phone or tablet. 87% of all people have a phone or tablet in rams length!
  • Instantly alerts first responders of your medical conditions and emergency contact information.
  • Give QR sticker to elderly relative so if they become lost, you can quickly be contacted.
  • For children, alerts others to behavioral, medical or other conditions to keep all safe.
  • If traveling with children, enter your current location and phone number in child’s profile so you can be contacted quickly.
  • Can enter 20 profile options including medical alerts, prescription list, allergies, blood type and contacts.
  • Instantly alerts loved ones if you are seriously hurt, become ill or ever need immediate help.
  • Place QR stickers on all valuable personal items so if lost, you can quickly be contacted to retrieve them.
  • Upload records, x rays that medical personnel can quickly view/download when needed.
  • Any hospital/doctor around the world can view and download your vital medical info if you’re incapacitated or unable to communicate due to language barrier.
  • Private storage locker for important documents.
  • QR code stickers are permanent and highly water resistant.
  • Virtually all smartphones and other mobile devices, including the camera-equipped iPad 2, can now read QR tags and immediately connect the mobile user to custom information.  Your smartphone may need an app, but that brings us to another thing we like. It’s free.
  • Mobile device apps for QR codes are typically free and easy to use; some are built-in.  With little more than a quick download all the major smartphone operating systems, including Android, iOS and RIM, enable QR generation (create a code) and decoding (reading).
  • It’s the convenience factor that appeals to many users, especially the tech-enabled individuals who are seldom without a phone or other mobile device in their hands.  The scan is an immediate link, phone connection or download.

Who Is This Business Opportunity Designed For?

  • People That Want to Make A Difference Not Just Income.
  • People who have connections with schools, churches, charity organizations, children’s camps, counselors, retail location and more.

What Do You Need To Get Started?

  • You can run this business opportunity from almost anywhere with an internet connection and phone service with no experience needed!
  • We work with only one City Advocate Leader in each area.
  • We offer a start-up kit that will guide you through the first steps to get registered in your state.  Also, to get your own QR stickers at a discounted price for an annual plan.
  • We want our City Advocate Leader to also subscribe so we will give you a free month to get started.

Why Are QR codes Better?

  • Medical ID bracelets/ jewelry usually only have room for a word or phone number.  In a true emergency, this is likely not enough information to save a life and with the advent of new technology it is now making other forms of medical alerts system obsolete.
  • USB drives lack the ability to quickly access the information.  How many of us walk around with the ability to download a USB drive?  Sure, EMT’s have them and so do the police but you need technology that goes much farther.  Technology that will allow anyone with a QR app to read ONLY the information that YOU WNAT THEM TO.  EMT’s and the police use QR codes apps when needed.

How Do You Make Money As A City Advocate Leader?

  • You will enjoy multiple streams of revenue.
  • Revenue Sharing Monthly Subscriptions.
  • Revenue Sharing Annual Subscriptions.
  • Revenue Sharing At The Retail Level.
  • Profit Sharing With Partners.
  • Community Sharing Profits.
  • More to come…

Account Medical Business Opportyunity Image 3

How Do You Get Started?

Fill out the form to the right to have a sales representative schedule a time to discuss the opportunity.  We’re also looking for our Global Advocate Partners.  We invite individuals who would cities outside the US to contact us right now as well.

Account Medical Business Opportunity Image 4

Related Reading: Why 2020 is the year of QR codes  The QR code market is on a steep rise. According to Juniper Research, by 2022, 5.3 billion QR code coupons will be redeemed by smartphones and 1 billion smartphones will access QR codes.

NO refunds are issued for the City Advocate Leader option.  We want to work with people that are serious about growing their own business while helping others in the process.

SOURCES: Beaconstac HealthCareSuccess