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Cross Breeze Screens Business Opportunity

Business Opportunity from Cross Breeze Screens (805) 587-6582 - Everything but a franchise for you! Our unique business opportunity consists of everything you need to start and operate a mobile screening service business.


CrossBreeze Screens is offering to help you enter the mobile screening service industry. We will provide you the tools, equipment and training required to be able to sell and service customers in a location of your choice.

Cross Breeze Screens Business Opportunity Contact

We also want to make it very clear that this is your business in every manner, shape and form. You will determine your work hours; you will determine your rates; you will be responsible for billing and collections; you will be responsible for paying your own taxes. You will be responsible for setting up your own business structure, be it self-proprietor, partnership or corporation.

We do not want our prospective buyers making a quick decision to buy our mobile screen trailers and start their training. Therefore, it is our policy to meet with you and completely explain in person what we are offering and what the business opportunity involves. Ten (10) days after we meet and talk about mobile screening services, if you are ready to go ahead with the purchase, we will ask for a down payment. With your down payment, we will begin building your website, ordering your stationary and personalizing your mobile screen trailer. We will agree on dates and times for our training time schedule and proceed.

About Us

CrossBreeze Screens is a family owned and operated mobile screening service operated by Mike Cratch (I’m the man in the video). We repair, replace and sell window screens and screen doors.

We originally entered the mobile screen business by purchasing a Screen Machine Franchise in 1996. We quickly became their Number #1 franchise, where we stayed #1 every year we were a part of their company. In 1996 we were honored as the Screen Machine Franchise of the year.

With sales over $200,000 a year we quickly became frustrated paying the 5% royalty to a company that was far removed from assisting us in our daily operations. Our franchise purchase price in 1995 was $42,000.00 and we paid a 5% royalty on total sales. We currently offer a very similar business package at an introductory price of $39,995 – and with Cross Breeze Screens you never pay any royalties. We are not offering a franchise; so you keep 100% of what you earn.

Our Trailer

Our trailer, along with our training program, is arguably our greatest asset. It is designed and built just for the mobile screening industry. Explore the tool boxes, carpeted surface, storage and cutting area. It is an outstanding workshop. A workshop, that serves as one of your greatest advertisements as well. Many screen services work out of vans, wasting time and money setting up saw horses and work tables. Not us! We are smooth, efficient and cost cutting. Be sure to keep lots of business cards on you. This trailer will draw out the customers!

Our trailer is offered in any color and the wrap you see depicted here is optional. A Truck is not included and must be purchased separately. The Trailer is your complete shop on wheels. You can carry all of your products, including window screen frame and accessories, sliding screen door kits, hinged screen doors, rolls of screen material, installation material and spline. It all has its place. You will be fully equipped and ready to go.

The Cross Breeze Screens mobile screening business includes a custom made trailer (see video) and initial start up inventory. The trailer serves as your complete screening shop on wheels. In it you are able to carry dozens of twelve foot (12 ft.) screen frame sticks, from which you are able to fabricate window screens, sliding screen door kits, and if you choose swinging screen doors. The trailer also includes several rolls of screen, spline and all your tools for repairing window screens and screen doors.

The mobile trailer is also your advertising billboard, letting everybody know you are available to meet their door and window screen needs.  We will provide you with a website and assist you in its search engine optimization for Google, Yahoo, Bing and Craigslist. We have heard the phone ring with customers within days of publishing our websites. We also provide all the necessary hand tools, business stationary and uniforms for your mobile screening business.

Becoming An Owner

When we signed up to own our first mobile screening business, it was a life changing decision. We recognize this, as do most states as well. It is not unusual for state laws to require a cooling off period before deciding to purchase major business equipment. We are in complete agreement with the intent of the law, as well as following those laws.

The Training

We offer a ten (10) day training program during which you will learn how to sell and install window screens and screen doors. You will also learn to sell and install the newer retractable screen doors. Our training program also includes a business launch in your home town. Our Cross Breeze Screens representative will literally be with you on your first sales call. You will begin your training in Southern California and then we will come to your town and launch your business with you. We also offer ongoing training should you want it or require it.


Cross Breeze Screens is only able to speak about potential income based on experience. As an owner operator of CrossBreeze Screens operating in Simi Valley, California our CEO has had gross sales as high as $30,000 a month. His first month in business was October 1995; in that first month he sold $5,000 worth of screens. We have had owner operators that have reached $2,000 a week in gross sales within a few weeks. There are a number of factors that go into making a successful mobile screen service business, including territory choice, marketing and advertising plan, number of people visited and spoken with, as well as communication and working skills. Because of these factors, we are unable to estimate or guarantee a sales potential dollar amount for any given area, nor guarantee the success of your specific business. Call us today to talk about your questions.

You may begin your mobile screen business with our help after we meet to discuss our business opportunity, a down payment is can be made after a ten (10) day cooling off period has passed.

All cities and states have their own rules and regulations regarding the Cross Breeze Screens business opportunity. Call us today to discuss your particular situation. Some restrictions do apply in some states.

The cost of our program is $39,995, which includes our trailer, tools, some materials and training – and we do not charge a royalty, ever

There are three compelling reasons to buy a mobile screening service business from Cross Breeze Screens.
1. We are one half (1/2) the price of similar businesses offered as a franchise.

2. No royalties – ever. When you purchase a mobile screening you pay them approx. 10% of your profits. With Cross Breeze Screens you keep 100% of what you earn.

3. No territorial restrictions