Expense Eraser Business Opportunity

Are You Ready? If you are ready to take control of your career, be your own boss, and set your own hours, an exciting position as an Independent Expense Consultant may be right for you. In short, you make MONEY by saving money for others. Who doesn't like to save money?

Make Money By Helping Others SAVE Money.

Expense Eraser Business Opportunity

Be your own boss, make your own hours, and earn great income as an Independent Expense Consultant.

Some franchises or business opportunities require you to have a significant amount of salesmanship in order to succeed. This is not one of them.  Some people are just not geared towards sales.

Maybe you’re just a bit more introverted, maybe you’ve never been comfortable with network marketing or trying to convince someone they need something (especially if they might not really need it!). But you’re still super-motivated and have the drive to succeed with your own business, without having to persuade people to buy or sign up for something.

If any of this might sound like you, then here is the perfect opportunity. You’ll be helping everyday families, and make some serious money by doing so. 

You can become an Independent Expense Consultant

Now that job title might sound like something you would need a degree for.

But you DON’T. You’ll get everything you need to learn about how to start a profitable debt and expense consulting business…no education or financial experience necessary.

There’s only 3 barriers to entry here:

  • You can read
  • You have access to a computer or laptop
  • You have transportation to get to face-to-face appointments

If you could check those off, you have everything you need to become an Independent Expense Consultant. It might sound hard to believe. But ExpenseEraser.net literally guides you every step of the way…

ExpenseEraser.com is a network of individuals trained in helping families save money on everyday expenses and lower overall debt. So many people are paying THOUSANDS in expenses that could easily be reduced. And their biggest problem will become your specialty: THEY DON’T KNOW WHERE TO START. You’ll show them where they can save, how they can save, and how much they can save.

You see, this is an extremely evergreen market you’ll be working in. That’s because of the simple fact that living with debt is a such a common reality for most people. Did you know…

41.2% of all households carry some sort of credit card debt?

Or that the average household has around $8,161 in revolving debt, approximately $6,577 of which is credit card debt?

Stats like this speak to the enormous opportunity here. People always value and need insights into how they can hold on to more of their money. Even finding how to save $100 adds up fast and can make their life just a little bit more manageable. But often you’ll be saving people a lot more.

Forget About “Sales”

As an Independent Expense Consultant, it won’t be too hard to make your services in-demand; what family would NOT want to gain some actionable strategies for reducing their debt and/or expenses? Using the proprietary software that ExpenseEraser.net teaches you how to use, you’ll be able to come across as a true authority and diagnose areas of a family’s budget that can significantly help them save money. 

Who doesn’t want to keep more of their hard-earned money? Accomplishing that for your clients is your sole objective. It practically markets itself.

No selling them anything. No advising on investments. All you’re doing is helping households save cash, not trying to recruit them for anything. You’ll learn key strategies to analyze your clients’:

  • Cell Phone arrangement
  • Utilities
  • Mortgage (A report released by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau finds that almost half (47%) of Americans don’t shop around for a mortgage when they purchase a home. Even more than that don’t refinance when rates are lower! This is just one example of the arsenal of ideas you’ll be bringing to the discussion like a pro)
  • Car situation
  • Credit Cards
  • Rent
  • Internet
  • Cable
  • …and MANY more

And with the pricing structure, the more you are able to save them, the more you can charge. Both parties end up coming out ahead! By helping just one family a week, it could mean an extra $35,000 in revenue coming your way.

So here’s how it works…

When you become a franchisee of ExpenseEraser.net you get immediate access to your own online Dashboard, which will become your “office.” Here is where you’ll manage all of your clients and leads, as well as process and view their reports. It’s an amazingly simple and well-designed platform. Your Dashboard will also be where you access your training that will prepare you to be a hero to families looking for help with their budgeting.

Your training will consist of complete video tutorials on how to use the tools, find savings, book an appointment and do a presentation. But you will also get personal, 1-on-1 training to make sure you really internalize everything you need to become a highly valuable Independent Expense Consultant.

If you like solving puzzles, you’ll very likely pick these skills up quickly. You’re looking at the picture of a family’s situations, and finding the perfect solution for how they can cut costs. You’ll look at their fixed and variable expenses. You’ll understand their bad debt and there good debt (there actually IS such a thing as “good” debt!). 

If you’re hesitant that you can actually learn this field, you’ll be pleasantly surprised once you see how clearly and easily the trainings are structured. (More on that when you request more info).

And what’s totally unique with the ExpenseEraser.net training is that it gives you the perfect opportunity to be your own first client!

Even if you’re not on top of your own finances at the moment, when you do the training to become and IEC, you’ll be able to expertly assess your own situation. You might just find enough savings to offset the small licensee fee involved! 

The done-for-you, proprietary software will make you look like a wiz in showing families how they can save money. Just imagine that as your job: seeing the big smiles when people learn they can save a few extra hundred bucks every month. There are definitely less fulfilling jobs out there!

Start part time doing your appointments on evenings and weekends, or transition into full time. You set your hours. You determine your availability. There are no territories or walls. You can work as an Independent Expense Consultant anywhere.

A Business That Markets Itself!

ExpenseEraser.net will also provide you with your unique own url based marketing pages. You can post your links anywhere (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn,etc.) As people click through, you can then call or email them to explore possibilities. In some cases ExpenseEraser.net will even be providing you with leads.

But what’s awesome about this opportunity is its ability to market itself. When you let a family know they will be saving thousands of dollars a year, chances are good they’re going to tell everyone they know about this great consultant they met with. 

Referrals will start snowballing, and after a little while, and as you keep getting better, you might not have to do a whole lot in terms of finding new clients.  They’ll find YOU. Again, remember the very fundamental business model here: you’re helping ordinary people find ways to save money! Word can travel fast.

And there’s one other BIG feature here…

As an independent contractor, you keep 100% of all the money you make. You don’t pay ExpenseEraser.net any commissions at all. You have your cheap monthly licensee fee to cover the software, and that’s IT. Helping less than 5 households can cover all of your fees for the year.

You really won’t find a business opportunity with this much relevance or market size in which you succeed by making families happy. Although the title might not sound like it, being an Independent Expense Consultant is never dull. And everything you need to thrive is provided through your Dashboard.

The sooner you request more info, the sooner you’ll realize just how realistic (and profitable) this really can be. As long as you have the drive to succeed, you’ll be given everything you need.

If you’re looking to thrive by genuinely HELPING people, look no further than ExpenseEraser.net

Ready to tap into this unique business? Fill out the form to the right and we’ll contact you fast!

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