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Make a profit selling email marketing software. Join my Partner Program and get a FREE copy of Send Cold Emails Marketing Software plus 12 months Free Marketing*.

*Free Marketing is a done for you email campaign that automatically sends 300 unique, targeted emails every day to prospects promoting Send Cold Emails software. The emails are sent to business owners and managers in the United States and when they buy you earn 60% commission.

Targeted emails are automatically sent at the rate of 300 per day.  They are designed to promote my $7 eBook: Send Cold Emails the Right Way – Hints tips and best practices.

When a customer buys the eBook you earn 60% commission. That customer is locked to you for life and we continue promoting the benefits of Send Cold Emails software to them. When they purchase you earn a further 60% commission.

I build you your own email server that will be used to send your marketing emails via our Marketing Application Send Cold Emails.

The server will be used to send 300 targeted and verified email contacts every single day promoting my $7 eBook.  We research, validate and verify the email addresses and add them to your account. The emails are unique to you. Other  Partners will not get the same email contacts as you. Promoting my $7 eBook is an easy sell as it offers lots of value including FREE email validation software.

Send Cold Emails software is used to generate leads so it makes sense you also use send cold emails to promote Send Cold Emails.  We set you up with a complete turnkey system and also do all the marketing for you for the first 12 months. I build you a powerful email marketing system correctly configured. It will be set up to send 300 targeted emails every single day promoting the $7 eBook. It works for you around the clock on autopilot. Sending cold outreach emails is a skill. There is a right way of doing this and a wrong way. Many marketers sending cold outreach emails do it the wrong way and just end up spamming people which does not work.

We set up your system correctly, following all best practices and you’ll soon be using our platform to promote other products and services effectively.

When a customer buys the eBook you earn 60% commission. But the best part is their email address is then locked to you. So when they upgrade to the full software costing $297 you automatically earn 60% commission. .

Just some of the benefits that you get when you join my Partner Program!

​Be part of an elite group promoting Send Cold Emails
​Use Send Cold Emails for FREE
Promote any product or service using Send Cold Emails
​Earn 60% commission on all sales of Send Cold Emails and associated services
​Simply promote the $7 eBook and once a customer buys you earn a passive ongoing commission for the lifetime ​of that customer
Get my eBook FREE and discover the Right Way to Send Cold Emails
​I’ll build an SMTP Server for you and set up your entire system
​I add 300 targeted verified email contacts to your account every single day.

Safe to send policy, only sends to valid email addresses
​Includes 25,000 email validation credits for FREE you can import your own data and use Send Cold Emails for multiple products
​Use your Partner link to purchase additional credits and earn 60% back.
​You can add to up to 5 email delivery servers
​Includes inbuilt warm up schedule to warm up your new server(s)
​Schedule to send emails on the drip like transactional emails
Checks for Spam like content
​and so much more…

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My Partner Program is exclusive and limited to only two new partners per week. I work closely with you and support you all the way. Make sure you watch the video to learn more about this done for you system. Plus you get lifetime FREE email marketing software and you’ll learn the knowledge exactly how to Send Cold Emails which is a must have skill for any business owner or entrepreneur.

The cost to join is just $994 and is payable in two easy payments. The first payment is due when you join and I set to work straight away for you. The last payment is due when your system goes LIVE, when we start sending your 300 targeted and verified emails.

You just need six sales in the entire year to make a return on your investment. The software offers customers fantastic value costing just $297 for a lifetime license. Your earnings could be enormous and the good news is there won’t be thousands of other resellers to compete with, remember I’m taking on a maximum of 2 partners per week, that’s it!

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