• $0 to $500
  • $10,000 to $25,000
  • $2,500 to $5,000
  • $25,000 and Up
  • $5,000 to $10,000
  • $500 to $2,500
  • Accounting
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  • Arts & Crafts Business
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Smart Guy Business Opportunity

Contact (818) 414-2514 Jordan Wexler Current price to be a SmartGuy® City Network Leader starting at only $299 (month-to-month - no activation fee). ACT FAST and secure this low all inclusive monthly price. 

SMARTGUY® One of the quickest, easiest, turnkey home-based business opportunities ever created!  

Smart Guy Business Opportunity

  • Spend less time working while still maximizing your profit.
  • Little to no technical knowledge is needed. SmartGuy® is completely set up and ready to go once you are assigned your city network(s)
  • Back up support via chat, phone and hundreds of other SmartGuy® City business Network leaders like yourself, helping you with any questions, strategies and more
  • Automated systems allow you to focus on simply sharing the marketing materials with others, via email, social networks, etc.
  • Choose the cities you want and market your products or services world wide (subject to availability)
  • Any time a sale is made payments are automated and sent INSTANTLY via PayPal every month!
  • No start up fee and low monthly cost to run your city network(s)

One of the best aspects of SmartGuy® is that it allows you to offer something virtually every business wants and needs, and is virtually automatic! You earn ongoing monthly revenue as they sign up- whether you refer them or not!  SmartGuy® does the work for you. 

(1) Watch this 2 minute video by our CEO

(2) Share it with local businesses!

(3) As businesses sign up in your SmartGuy® City Business Network, you get paid up to $50 per month of the $69 they pay us instantly – whether you refer them or not!

(With up to 1,500 categories of businesses in each , that is A LOT of monthly income!)

Ask yourself…If someone told you that they would (1) create an article promoting your business, (2) get it to the top of search engines in as little as 2 weeks and (3) promote you on other related articles that are ALREADY on top of search engines for the keywords your customers use to find you, wouldn’t you be willing to pay $69? And once they did, continue paying $69 a month to keep boosting it on top of search engines? Of course!

One of the quickest, easiest, turnkey business opportunities ever created!

(1) Select the cities you want,
(2) Email businesses the following AMAZING link on how you can grow their business (www.joinSmartGuy.com), and

(3) Earn up to $50 EVERY MONTH of the $69 they pay us via PayPal – whether you refer them or not!!

(Earning up to $50 a month from up to 1,500 categories of businesses in each city can potential be a very nice monthly income!)

Benefits of running a SmartGuy City Business Network

> UP AND RUNNING INSTANTLY – No hardware, software or anything to  install. Choose your cities and you’re LIVE!
> RUNS ITSELF – Spend less time working while still maximizing your profit!
> ONGOING MONTHLY REVENUE – you get paid each and every month for each member that signs up and pays SmartGuy®
> GET PAID AUTOMATICALLY – Any time a sale is made payments are tracked and sent via PayPal on the 25th of every month!
> AUTOMATED SYSTEM –  allow you to focus on simply sharing the marketing materials with others, via email, social networks, etc.
> BACK UP SUPPORT –  via chat, phone and hundreds of other SmartGuy® City Business Network leaders like yourself sharing ideas.
> LOW MONTHLY INVESTMENT – No start up fee and a low monthly cost to run your city network(s)

One of the best aspects of SmartGuy® is that it allows you to offer something virtually every business wants and needs, and is virtually automatic! You earn ongoing monthly revenue as they sign up – whether you refer them or not!  
SmartGuy® does the work for you. You can keep your day job and have your automated system work for you 24 hours a day without you having to lift a finger.  With a bit of money, a strong entrepreneur spirit, and dedication you can succeed and turn a nice profit and ongoing income!

For more information, email Jordan@SmartGuy.com, visit our AFFILIATE LINK HERE or fill out the form to the right and we will contact you fast.


SmartGuy® is the fastest growing directory and exclusive business referral network in the world, already managing over 11,000 city business networks worldwide. Developed to automate the growth of businesses, SmartGuy® offers over 10 proprietary tools designed to quickly grow a business online and offline. Within as little as 2 minutes of signing up, SmartGuy® connects members with up to 1,500 other local referring businesses within each city, one per category, in an automated exclusive business referral network. SmartGuy® then promotes them to the public. But that's just the beginning. Here is a list of some of the things we do to grow your business ONLINE and OFFLINE!

Webpage - Creates you an editable webpage that can rank on top of search engines in as little as 1-2 weeks
Industry Article - Adds you to related industry articles that are already on the top of search engines
Local SmartGuy City Business Network - Adds you to your local city network
Consumer Directories - Adds you to multiple consumers directories, such as LocalProfessionals.com
Industry Groups - Add you to industry groups, allowing you to network with others in your industry worldwide.
Badge - Provides you a BEST IN CATEGORY badge to place on your website to increase customer conversions
Certificate - Provides you BEST IN CATEGORY certificate to place on walls, windows or share in your social networks
Article Widget - Provide you an SEO BOOSTING ARTICLE WIDGET to help increase your ranking on other websites
Integrated Tracking - you can see how many people are visiting your SmartGuy webpage over 24 hours, 7 days and 30 days!


Custom Article - Creates a custom article promoting your business that can also rank on top of search engines fast
Video placement - let us know which SmartGuy® industry related video you wish to be listed on (typically ranks high on youtube!
SmartGuy Magazine - get our monthly small business building magazine for free!

You can add your business and get everything listed above for only $69 per month (month-to-month - no contracts). Act fast, because in most cases, SmartGuy® only allows ONE professional per city/category)

Listen in to 30-year restaurant owner Pete Gallanis, who owns 3 successful restaurants and has tried every marketing approach before SmartGuy...

Yes. SmartGuy® selects one person per city to become the local city network leader. While they don't need to live within the city, they can assist local businesses with any questions they might have. In return, they earn $50 every month of the $69 members pay us! With over 1,500 categories per city, that $50 per members can generate a monthly income of over $75,000 per month! Fore more information, click the AFFILIATES tab at the top of SmartGuy.com

Yes! While virtually everything is done for you automatically once you spend 1-2 minutes adding your information, for those who want to leverage everything we have built and maximize their performance, we have a simple step-by-step guide to do it! You can find the Quick Start Guides for both Members and City Network Leaders at the bottom of this page.

Adding/editing or deleting a business is EASY on SmartGuy®! Just (1) click "JOIN US" at the top of the page, (2) create a profile, and (3) add your business. The entire process can be done in as little as 1-2 minutes. Once you have created your profile, you can use the SAME email and password to add new businesses. Simply login and click "ADD COMPANY". Once your business is added, you can edit, upgrade or delete your business 24/7 by simply (1) logging in, (2) clicking "business profile" and (3) click the 3 dots to the right of the business you wish to modify.

Best in Business Badge - The "Best in Business" badge is an image that shows your are currently the Best in Business for your category/city within SmartGuy®. It is a simple line of HTML code you can add to your own separate business webpage. When clicked, it will take potential customers to your SmartGuy page for more information and to contact you!

Downloading your "Best in Business" badge is EASY! Simply (1) click the SIGN IN button at the top of the page, (2) login with your email and password and then click the ARTICLE WIDGET tab. From their simply select how many articles you wish to rotate (it depends how many are available, the maximum is 6) and the industry you are in. In each case select your choice in the drop down. By selecting these, your code will automatically be modified. Then, just copy the HTML code and enter it into your own business website (You to don't need to add it to your SmartGuy webpage as it is automatically added to the bottom of your page)

Article Widget - The SmartGuy Article widget is a proprietary line of HTML code you can add to your own personal business website that can help it rank higher by rotating SmartGuy® industry related articles. When search engines see fresh content on your page, it is often searched more often and raised in its rankings.

Downloading your Article widget is EASY! Once you log in, click ARTICLE WIDGET . Before downloading the code, be sure to select the number of articles you want to scroll and the industry you want to scroll SmartGuy Articles (you can even adjust the size by changing the dimensions within the code). Questions? ask us in chat.

Pending members are businesses that had signed up but have not been verified. They are not listed in the directory, network or articles. Only should they upgrade will their information be included in these sections. While we cannot provide you this data, should they upgrade to Premium while you are a SmartGuy City network Leader, you will get credit for the commission.

Yes. Simply log in to SmartGuy.com with your email and password, and click BUSINESS PROFILE. There you will see a list of all the businesses you have added, as well as how many visitors you have had over the last 24 hours, 7 days and 30 days

The SmartGuy® group page list all members by category. This is very valuable to professionals as it allows them to connect with other professionals within their industry. For example, the Accountants group includes over 1,500 accountants that can ask questions, share ideas or find solutions specific to their industry. SmartGuy® Industry groups allow members to connect with others in the industry worldwide. We are in the process of further developing this functionality and are currently looking for 3 professionals within each field to serve as coaches/Trainers for the group. They must be (1) highly skilled in their field, have a large following of professionals in that industry and (3) be willing to provide the group training videos and articles to help them succeed. In return, they will be allowed to market their services to ALL the professionals in their SmartGuy industry network!