TaskForceCO2 Software Distributor Opportunity Claimed

Introducing a Statewide Low Risk Opportunity that can Sky-rocket your Profits!

Introducing a Statewide, Low Risk Opportunity that can SKY-ROCKET YOUR PROFITS! Don’t miss out. We have Only One Exclusive Distributor Per State Open! Once each state is sold it is gone!

We’re now recruiting one Exclusive Statewide Distributor in each State for our PC Power Management Software, TaskForceCO2. It’s a fantastic opportunity that gets you Exclusive Territory and lets you keep a massive 65% of all Sales Proceeds!

Selling TaskForceCO2 not only earns you significant profits but at the same time you will be helping Organizations all over your State, Save Money, Reduce CO2 and Streamline Efficiencies.

As the Exclusive Statewide Distributor only you are Authorized to sell to Organizations in your State.

Just 2 Sales on average recovers your outlay!

PC Power Management is in demand and this is your opportunity to get in on that demand with our TaskForceCO2 tried and tested Software!

Its common place now to save power therefore reducing costs and CO2 as no sensible Organization wants to waste money powering unused PCs.

One way to do that is to automate the wake and shutting down of an Organizations Computers. After all, if they are left on during the day whilst not being used, overnight or at weekends, they are going to waste a lot of electricity. The more PCs an Organization has the more the waste.

Join us Today as an Exclusive Statewide Distributor.
One off Fee just $995 

You only need 2 Sales to cover ALL your Start-up Fees!

Software DistributorshipCountry Wide Software DistributorshipCountry Wide Software Distributorship

When you Join we will develop a Landing Page on our Web Site dedicated to you with your order details. We promote TaskForceCO2 to Schools in USA on a regular Monthly basis including emailing ALL the Schools in your State. Inquiries and Downloads will be sent to your Landing Page to assist you in achieving Orders.

You get 65% of ALL orders received including any Orders generated by Organic Traffic. That’s enough to appoint sub resellers and dealers to work for you too!

Don’t forget, as our Statewide Distributor you are the only Authorized Exclusive Distributor in your State.

With thousands of Schools, Businesses and other Organizations on your doorstep, all preferring to buy locally, you can make yourself a very profitable income with repeat business opportunities.

Your Earning Potential …

You make a cool $250 on every School sale and $500 on every Site License. Selling 10 Sites to one Organization would net you over $5000!

With Monthly Licensing and Paid Annually subscriptions you can build up a regular residual income that just grows and grows!

Don’t miss Out. We only have One Exclusive Distributor per State. It’s just $995 to Secure your State Now!


Q How does it Work?

Being appointed as the Exclusive Statewide Distributor costs $995.

In return you get Exclusive Statewide Territory and we will set you up with your own dedicated landing page on our Web Site at TaskForceCO2. You will be good to go in just a few days.

The Web Site will let you supply no credit card needed Trial Downloads. It will also link to any online shop you want to receive online orders in your State.

We also email ALL Schools in your State on a Monthly basis on your behalf.

You get a massive 65% Discount on all orders which is your profit. It will take roughly 2 Sales to recover the cost of the Statewide Distributor Fee but will leave you in a position of making $250 on every School Sale, $500 on every Site License Sale. Selling 10 Sites to 1 Organization would net you over $5000!

We will give you training and help with any support.

Q Who we are

PeachWorx Limited is a software development company Head Quartered in Cyprus with offices in the UK.

The Companies Directors have over 30 Years' experience each in the Software field, providing solutions in many Countries.

Established in 2009, PeachWorx develop tools that offer Organizations substantial benefits in reducing costs and increasing efficiencies.

TaskForceCO2 is used on hundreds of thousands of PCs to do just that.

Registered in Cyprus No, HE399867. TIC No. P10399867.