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Vital Card Business Opportunity

Financial Requirements

  • Business Type: Business Opportunity
  • Total Capital Investment: Free to Start
  • Training & Support: Yes
  • Financial Assistance: No

Did you ever wish for a business opportunity that actually didn’t cost you anything? That didn’t involve any product purchases? That wasn’t hard to explain? And that didn’t involve ANY selling? Yup – me too and this is FREE to join!

The Vital credit card opportunity nails everything I look for by combining the best of affiliate marketing and network marketing while eliminating the pitfalls of each.

Want to see why I like it? Take a look at my checklist!

Free to join. Most affiliate programs are free to join. Most network marketing companies charge you to start selling their product. Vital is free to join.

Nothing to buy. Most affiliate programs don’t require you to buy anything. They just want you sharing their product. Most network marketing companies require you to make monthly purchases of their products. Vital only asks that you spend at least $250/month on the card on things you’re already buying if you want to participate in the cash rewards (explained below). So there’s nothing new to buy. (And if you spend less on it, you’ll still get between 1% and 5% cash back.)

Nothing to sell. You’re just recommending that someone pick up a new credit card that pays them up to 5% cash back on their purchases. And it’s free for them if they qualify with a reasonable credit score. You don’t have to explain a product or encourage them to buy one.

No habits to change. This is a big one. Normally you’re asking people to adjust their lives to a new product or service. In this case, they just change what credit card they’re using for their usual purchases. Or they just set it up once to automatically pay some monthly bills. Done. No more thinking about it.

Leveraged income. Most affiliate programs only pay you for the direct sales you’ve made. Network marketing pays you on the efforts of your entire team, encouraging you to help them succeed. Vital pays you not only for the active cardholders you’ve referred but also for those referred by your team members.

Recurring income. Most affiliate programs pay you just once for a referral. If that person continues to buy from them for years and years, all because of you, you only benefit once. In network marketing, you’re paid EVERY time that person comes back to make a purchase. With Vital, you’re paid forever on the active cardholders you and your team members have referred.

Professional presentation. I want the company website looking great. I want it clean, beautiful, free of typos, and answering questions. Vital’s website is all this and more. They have gamification built in to encourage people to keep taking the next steps of sharing with more people, or for using their cards more often. They make it easy to trust that they know what they’re doing.

Simple compensation plan. Most affiliate programs have compensation plans that are easy to explain because they just pay you a flat rate or percentage on a one-time sale. Most network marketing plans are so complex that they need multi-page documents to detail them; and then no one understands them, so they have hour-long webinars to walk you through them. And then when someone asks you about it … you can’t remember the details. Ugh!

Vital’s compensation plan is incredibly easy to understand: 1% of all purchases by all card holders is set into a monthly global pool. Each month, this is divided among all cardholders who have shared the card, based on the sharing score they’ve built up.

* Get 4 points for every direct referral you make
* Get 2 points for every direct referral they make
* Get 1 point for every direct referral the next level makes

That’s it — 3 levels building up points that you keep as long as the referrals are actively using their card (at least $1 in spending) in any given month. (Get people to put their recurring bills onto this card and you’re all set!) When was the last time you saw a compensation plan explained so quickly?

Let me be clear: you get up to 5% cash back on your purchases no matter what. The 1% global pool for cash rewards is ADDITIONAL to the cash back.

Up to 5% Cash Back for Credit Card Users:
So how do Vital credit card users earn “up to” 5% cash back? It’s done through “gamification” (making it like a game — competing!)

Card users get Activity Points for all sorts of activities, like picking up the tab at dinner, or donating to a charity, or paying their bill on time, or having their credit score go up.

This means it’s based on activity, which is only partly how much you’re spending. As you can see in this image, someone spending relatively little can still get a lot of Activity Points.

At the end of the month, Activity Points are totaled and compared between card users. Those with the most activity points earn 5% cash back. The next groups earns 2% cash back. Everyone else still earns 1% cash back.

This is great for affiliates too, because more activity means more money in the global pool that affiliates will split based on the points they’ve earned by sharing the card.

Need more reasons to check out Vital?

Aluminum Cards: plastic cards are for the birds. These aluminum cards have a higher quality weight and feel.

Give to Charity: want to automate some charitable giving? Donate part or all of your monthly earnings to a charity of your choice. Great as a recurring fundraiser!

A Better App: although we’re not seeing it yet, they’re claiming a smartphone app that will make you rethink your standards for credit card apps.

There is of course NO RISK. You are not currently signing up for a card, and there is no obligation to later on if you change your mind. You’re just enrolling in the program for free so you can share with others and see how much money YOU could be earning by the time they launch. All you’re giving now is your email address.


So is There a Downside?
I always teach that if you’re going to get into a program, it has to offer a great value — a value so good that you’re happy to be involved even if you never make any money. Why? Because of course if it doesn’t have that kind of value, how on Earth are you going to share it with the average person who won’t take part in the business?

This is why I look first at the value that the Vital credit card offers to the person who will just use it and does not want to take part in sharing it. Originally, I was concerned because it was only a 1% cash back card for that type of user. But now they’ve addressed that with gamification.

Now all Vital card users compete to earn up to 5% cash back. All sorts of actions — from picking up the tab at dinner to paying your Vital bill on time — earns “Activity Points.” At the end of the month, card users are broken into 3 groups based on their activity levels. EVERYONE will earn at least 1% back, but some will earn 2% back and some will earn 5% back on ALL their purchases for that month.

This is NOT about how much you spend, although it’s possible that with more money to spend you’ll have a chance to build more activity points. But things like contributing to a charity or having your credit score go up will all provide activity points.

This is huge because it not only provides an incentive for people to use their cards more often … this also builds up the value of the GLOBAL POOL that is split among affiliates (people who are sharing the card with others). This makes it more valuable than ever to sign up for Vital and start sharing the card!


Total Capital to Invest: $0 No Cost To Start

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