Saying No To Business Opportunity Yes Men

Saying No To Business Opportunity Yes Men

Let me help you get rich! In the last ten years, I have heard that statement from salespeople’s lips to the ears of every varied type of buyer, rich and penniless to almost homeless to Mom & Pops just like you are reading this using their 401k to invest in a business. All of whom should think twice about buying what is being sold.

by Kevin James Culp

Recently, I posted about how not to get scammed Don’t Be Scammed by a Slick Salesperson and to know the FTC laws.

Buyer beware in the key point to remember about last week’s blog post. The key point today will help you say NO and weed your way through the ‘yes men‘ who will tell you anything they need to close the deal. Reading this post before buying a business of any type be it a Business for Sale, Business Opportunity, Distributorship, Licensee Opportunity or a Franchise.


Make sure to read my next blog next Sunday. I’ll be discussing LEAD GENERATION Portals vs Private; which One Works Better, for Whom and Why.

Thanksfor Reading and Carpe Diem My Friends

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