Top CRM’s for Your Business Opportunity

Top 10 CRM's for Small Business Opportunity Owners

Small business opportunity owners need to keep track of a ton of data from minute one.  So, how do you track all that data anyway?

by Kevin James Culp

Some of the most important information you have comes to you during interactions with clients, prospects and everyone in-between at various times of the day, week and month.

After completing a few hundred calls or even a few dozen, it’s tough to remember exactly what was said in any given conversation unless it is quickly and efficiently documented.  Some folks will take out a piece of paper and keep brief notes as they call and adhere to a one, two, three and dead file policy.  I understand if that’s what is comfortable you.  But if you use old-school techniques to contact, track and keep up with your prospects before, during and after your initial contact, you may want to consider that there’s a better way.  You need to think about organizing everything in the cloud.

I learned during a few hurricanes that having my data preserved in the cloud is a godsend.  Also, having access to your data via mobile is critical if you need it and in a functional capacity, not just in view mode.  You need to be able to work with your data on the fly so look for the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) option that is most compatible with your phone type, model and operating system.

I’ve compiled my top list of CRMs that will help you to better organize your data depending on your needs.  Each one offers different variables for you to consider.  At the end of the day the main thing to keep in mind is that any system you choose should make documenting your call history, connection history, emailing history, post-card history and even your fax history simple.  It all needs to be part of one centralized database and easily accessible.  Once you have this system in place you will see how much easier it is to work with and manage a larger and ever-growing client list.

The bottom line is that how you manage your lead data is as important as the leads themselves.  That’s why you need a great CRM tool, one that works best for you and your own unique needs.


The Advantages of a CRM

CRM apps let you stay up-to-date with all the contact information you get from customers, leads and prospects.  They let you stay on top of what you sent, when and to whom.  When you use a CRM, you have a full history of your contacts and can readily identify people who are interested in your product.

When all this data is right at your fingertips, you get a full overview of what your customers want, what they are responding to and what makes them happy.  Most CRMs also help you to track tasks, appointments and goals.

As a rule, these systems are not too expensive.  In fact, a few of them are free. Here’s a look at the top 10 CRMs that I recommend for small businesses and especially for those individuals who are in the business opportunity field.

#1. Zoho

Zoho CRM Free Trial

I’ve been using Zoho for years now.  You can start free with a trial – click here to do so.  Zoho tops the list for many small businesspeople when it comes to the most useful, flexible and easy-to-learn CRM available.  Zoho works well with most apps or as part of the Zoho Suite, has a ton of features and is one of the better values on the market for 1 to 10 users.  You can use it to log calls, make note of visits to customers and even find leads on maps.  TRY ZOHO FREE

2. InfusionSoft

What can you say about InfusionSoft?  It is an awesome CRM with so much to offer, from someone just starting out to even the most well-established owner who needs a lot from the data they work.  Take a free trial run with them and put all your customer info in one place so it’s easier to see the latest status on tasks, sales opportunities and email results.  TRY INFUSIONSOFT FREE

InfusionSoft CRM

3. Thryv

Thryv CRM Free TrialIf your contact list isn’t cutting it, try managing your customer data easier with Thryv CRM.  Thryv can help you organize customers and contacts, communicate often and keep them coming back for more.  Manage customer data throughout the lifecycle.  Segment data with custom filters, tag and send text and email promotions to nurture leads and customers.  Learn more about your contacts with social data enrichment.  Access dedicated experts, available 24/7 and lots more.  It’s the all-in-one small business software that lets you do it all!  TRY THRYV FREE



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