Top Free Video Conferencing Options

Free Video Conferencing Tools

Today you can’t get along without video conferencing, and you need to be flexible about platforms.  Fact:  The more platforms you master, the better able you will be to mesh your platform of choice with your customer of preference. 

by Kevin James Culp

We all want to stay on the same page with the same message no matter the miles in between.  So we serve up free video conferencing, group collaboration, online staff meetings and webinar hosting…it’s all out there for you to download now…

Free Video Conferencing ToolsMy top choice is Skype.  Duh, right?  But for some it’s all still so new.  Ask your parents if they “skype,” have the app or even truly understand the process.  You know what I mean.  Many of them think that screen sharing is a way to ‘access their data vis-a-vis shared platform like Teamviewer would be.  Teamviewer can be downloaded and used free just like Skype but with a twist – you can actually make updates, changes and help the person you are connecting with peer-to-peer.  Old tech that is still cool, that’s Teamviewer.  I like having the option so I can help a client if needed.  Use It For Your Small Business – Stay in Touch With Your Family & Friends.  Message & Call People You Care About Every Day for Free! Download Skype Today!

My second choice is Zoom for any number of reasons, and the free UI is robust and can do just about anything you would need from getting started on hosting meetings to collaborating with your staff in one centralized location.  The basic personal meeting service is SIGN UP, IT’S FREE

  • Host up to 100 participants
  • Unlimited 1-to-1 meetings
  • 40-min limit on group meetings
  • Unlimited number of meetings

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