Want to join the explosion of growth in the booming weight loss coffee space?

Want to join the explosion of growth in the booming weight loss coffee space? Low-cost entry with the most powerful and affordable knock-out coffee and unparalleled support, training, Internet marketing systems and bonuses make this a dream offer.

There has never been a better time to enter the weight loss market with a proprietary and powerful weight loss coffee. Our SlimROAST Optimum Dark Roast Coffee tastes great, is affordable and it works! Optimum crushes cravings. It’s a simple, innovative solution for 75% of our population that suffers from being overweight.

And as weight loss business professionals we know how to support YOU in bringing this stunning product to the market.

We have hands-on training programs, massive Internet marketing, automated marketing programs and financial incentives that will reward you every step of the way!

Just a little bit on how the product works!

SlimROAST Optimum Neurologic system for Optimum Performance cannot be accomplished with a single nutrient, it requires a “stack” (or group) of several independently performing nutrients working together. Formulated with natural appetite suppressants, feel-good ingredients and detox components and powered by VASO6™ a Nitric Oxide, Antioxidant Booster for optimum circulation & Oxygen delivery. SlimROAST Optimum is the perfect addition to your weight loss management program!

AND YOUR TIMING IS PERFECT. We have Fall campaigns ready to launch and our January retail blitz will be stunning.

Watch our video tour and get in line for upgrades, samples and unapparelled support!! Act smart and expeditiously, we are a fast-moving train!

Here is our flagship product! Optimum Slim Roast Coffee!

Business Information – Type & Cost Breakdown

Type: Business Type: Business Opportunity – Total Cost: $100 to $999 – Classification: Can Be Worked From Home or on-the-go, Full or Part-time

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